Friday, September 18, 2015

Modern Zen Introductory Special $17.50

Modern Zen (6 scents set) + Free Incense Plate(Choose one from frog or Shell)

Modern Zen is our new product that allows you to sample some of our highest quality fragrances.

The set comes with a few sticks each of 6 fragrances in a unique package. Modern zen is a great way to try higher quality fragrances without having to purchase a large package of each. It can also be the perfect gift for an incense lover.

To commemorate the release of our new product, we would like to offer a ceramic incense plate with your choice of shell or frog incense holder.

You will also receive a booklet with information on incense and incense ceremonies.

Superior woody fragrance
(Burning Time: Approx 13 min)

This package includes 3 types of Aloeswood that was grown in the peaceful surroundings of nature over many years. Kyara is considered to be the best out of all of the different types of Aloeswood and is created from a specific part of the tree.
Enjoy the elegance of Kyara Aloeswood.
  • Jinkoh Juzan, Aloeswood...This rich aroma was created by blending the clean scent of Aloeswood with the herbal scent of Sandalwood.
  • Kyara Kongo, Selected Aloeswood...An elegant fragrance made up of ample amounts of gorgeous Kyara Aloeswood that has a hint of sweetness.
  • Kyara Taikan, Premium Aloeswood...Plenty of spicy Kyara along with a touch of herbal Sandalwood blended to enhance the charm of Kyara and overall creating a subtle and profound fragrance.

Floral fragrance
(Burning Time: Approx 12 min)

During the 19th century, well-known incense craftsman Yujiro Kito was introduced to Western perfumes and was inspired to create Hana-No-Hana incense based on these fragrances.
100 years later, this incense is still beloved by many and is used as a base for various incense fragrances today.
  • Hana-no-Hana, Lily (Green)...A fresh fragrance with a white floral base and hints of green.
  • Hana-no-Hana, Rose (Yellow)...Rose and other floral scents with a woody undertone.
  • Hana-no-Hana, Violet (purple)...The fragrance of violet blended with the mellow notes of musk.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Actual Contents of Kayuragi Incense

Actual contents of Kayuragi. 40 incense sticks + mini incense holder.
Kayuragi Mikan Orange Incense (left yellow package) is packed in a plastic bag. (Citrus scents fade easier than others)

When the incense is lit, its' smoke and aroma wafts throughout the space and brings a feeling of relief and relaxation. It is not only from the pleasant fragrance, but also from the sight of the wafting smoke which will make you feel at ease.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The 10 Virtues of Koh

The “Ten Virtues of Koh” is a list of the benefits derived from the use of incense. These Ten Virtues have been passed down from the fifteenth century (the Muromach Era) and are still cited today as uniquely capturing the spirit of Koh.

(Original Page Source:

感格鬼神: It brings communication with the transcendent

清浄心身: It purifies mind and body

能除汚穢: It removes uncleanliness

能覚睡眠: It keeps one alert

静中成友: It can be a companion in the midst of solitude

塵裡偸閑: In the midst of busy affairs, it brings a moment of peace

多而不厭: When it is plentiful, one never tires of it

寡而為足: When there is little, still one is satisfied

久蔵不朽: Age does not change its efficacy

常用無障: Used everyday, it does no harm

After these Ten Virtues were established, Koh gradually evolved away from the sophisticated elegance of the courtier and acquired the character of a discipline, the way of Koh (Koh- Do).