Friday, September 22, 2017

NEW! Aroma Bliss

We are pleased to announce that Aroma Bliss Coffee☕️ & Green Tea🍵 are available now!

Aroma Bliss Coffee & Green Tea

The aroma of coffee and green tea transformed into incense.
2 fragrance that will be held dear to many,
*The mellow and rich fragrance of freshly brewed coffee.
*The delicate and refreshing fragrance of green tea leaves.

As soon as your senses respond to the this gentle aroma you will feel at peace.
Nippon Kodo relies on the carefully selected fragrance ingredients and the 440 year old incense-making craft to create the most superb final product.


*Made with Japanese Binchō-tan charcoal.
*Less smoke when burning.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Welcome Back to School Special 🏫✨

Welcome Back to School Special🏫✨

Purchase any 2 200-stick Morning Star fragrances and receive any 2 50-stick packages* FREE!

Offer ends 9/24/2017