Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Surf Burner Photo Gallery

What is a Surf Burner? How does it work?
An incense burner with a cool, sleek design. Each Surf Burner looks like a real surf board, down to the smallest detail. Great for people who love bamboo stick incense and surfing!

Surf the Waves of Fragrance!
 Shop: http://www.nipponkodostore.com/Surf_Burner_s/323.htm
So far, we have 14 surf burners + 2 surf burner racks. You will receive a pack of Herb & Earth Sandalwood Bamboo Incense for each surf burner you purchase. 

Hana, Grajagan, Gold Coast (from the left)

Incense should be placed in the holder as in the picture

when the incense burns, the ash will drop on the board

Incense Stand

Insert the incense stand on the fin

beautifully printed surf board design


Surf burner has a deck plug (but no leash rope)

Shop at Nippon Kodo Store

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