Wednesday, September 7, 2016

DEITANSEKI SOAP (Clay & Charcoal Facial Cleansing Bar)


Enriched with Kaolin Clay and selected Medicinal Carbon Powder, this soft facial bar will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple Micro-porous active ingredients gently cleanse your face, especially the pores, and Bentonite helps your skin retain its natural moisture.

- - - Average Customer Review: ★★★★★ - - -

Great soap !!!! ★★★★★
"I have been using this soap for about a week (from the sample) it leaves my skin really clean and really soft... My skin doesn't feel dry afterwards and its not shinny. I love this soap..." - C Elaine Clark from baltimore, MD United States

great HAND soap! ★★★★★
"I don't use it on my face, i simply don't care for the smell + being hyper-allergic. but it makes a great HAND soap. In my situation, I am forced to wash my hands many, many times throughout the day. And i don't bother with lotion because of the previously noted " wash my hands many, many times...". Now, rather than year-round dry skin, this Leaves my hands soft, not shiny, no smell, AND not stripped of all oils." - Anonymous Person from United States

Cleanses Well ★★★★★
"This soap removes impurities from my large pores without drying my skin." - ST from Alhambra, CA United States

DEITANSEKI SOAP (Clay & Charcoal Facial Cleansing Bar)
This soft facial bar gently cleanses the face, especially the pores, with micro-porous active ingredients. Lather with cold or warm water, then gently wash face in a massaging motion. Rinse well.
Ingredients: Soap base, Water, Perfume, Kaolin, Bentonite, Glycerin, Carbon, Papain, Terasodium edetate tetrahydrate, 1-Hydroxyethane-1, 1-Diphosphonic Acid

Net weight: approx. 150g (5.3 oz)
W x H x D (inch): 1 15/16 X 4 10/16 X 1
W x H x D (mm): 50 X 118 X 25

Experience the fresh, clean, moisturized skin after washing your face with Deitanseki soap.

- Nippon Kodo USA

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